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Flat stranded electric cable BVVB-02

Detailed Product Description:

1.Specialized in electrical cable
3.Factory lowest price


It applies to electrical appliances, instrument and telecom device with rate voltage up to and including 450/750 volts.

Standards of the products

GB5023-97,JB8734-98(and enterprise standard)

Flame-retardant, fire resistance, low smoke low halogen cable (wire)  the national standards for the production of standard GB/T19666-2005.Industry-standard product GA306-2007.

Main Characteristics of Cable (wire)

1.Rated voltage Uo/U is 450/750 volt, 300/500 volt or 300/300volt.

2.Permissible continuous working temperature of cable conductor.

--for type of  RV-105 and BV-105,the temperature should be less than 105°C.

--for others, the temperature should be less than 70°C.

 3. Ambient temperature should be not less than 0°C. And permissible bending radius of cable for fixed connecting should be as follows during installation.

--for O.D. less than 25 millimeter, equal or greater than 4 times O.D.

-- for O.D. not less than 25 millimeter, equal or greater than 6 times O.D.

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