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Aerial Feeder QR540 Coaxial Cable SW-3503

Detailed Product Description:

RG6 RG11 RG59 RF Cable
1,Factory price
2,75Ohm High-End Coaxial Cable
3,We can supply with your requireme

Bonded Foil Tri-shield Construction

67%  BRAID

Construction Code    Product Description  

F59TSV                Bonded foil, 67%  braid, non-bonded tape,PVC jacket

F59TSVV              Bonded foil, 67%  braid,non-bonded tape,flame retardant PVC jacket

F59TSVM              Bonded foil, 67%  braid,non-bonded tape, PVC jacket,051 inch messerger

F59TSEF               Bonded foil, 67%  braid,non-bonded tape,flooded for underground, PE jacket

Physical  Dimensions  :

Component                             Standard  Shield                     Tri-shield                                   Super-Shield 

Center Conductor            0.81mm(0.032inches)     0.81mm(0.032inches)      0.81mm(0.032inches) )

Diameter Over                3.66mm(0.144inches)     3.66mm(0.144inches)      3.66mm(0.144inches)Dielectric

Diameter Over                3.84mm(0.151inches)     3.84mm(0.151inches)       3.84mm(0.151inches)First Shield

Diameter Over                6.1mm(0.24inches)         6.1mm(0.24inches)          6.1mm(0.24inches)

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